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Social Media Specialist

Job Description

Posted on: 
October 25, 2022
Key details

Location: Remote; we accept candidates globally.

Availability: ~10hr/week

Pay: Flexible, depending on experience and seniority, starting at $20-25 USD/hr (but could go significantly higher for some candidates)

Application deadline: We are assessing applications on a rolling basis.

About us

Effective Thesis is a non-profit that helps guide aspiring researchers (undergrad, masters or PhD students) who want to significantly improve the world through a career in research. Our services include 1-1 Coaching, Research Skills Workshops, the Early Career Research Opportunities Newsletter (ECRON), a PhD Supervisor Database and the Effective Thesis Community.

Short role description

We are looking for a freelance Social Media Specialist to manage and create content for our social media accounts. We would like to become a go-to place for aspiring researchers from undergraduate to PhD level who would like to have as much impact as possible with their research careers, and we’re looking for someone who could help us achieve this!  

This role might be an especially good fit for students who are active on Twitter (and other social media platforms) and would like to get better at this skill. You could potentially do this alongside your studies and make use of synergies with your own thesis/research planning.  

If you have any questions about the role, email our Communications Director, Dee at diwangna.kathuria@effectivethesis.org


Generally, you would have a lot of freedom in how to go about making Effective Thesis social media accounts brilliant and would be expected to act on your own initiative. We will empower you in doing so, give you feedback, and generally make sure our visions are aligned.

In practice, some more specific responsibilities would include:

  1. Create a monthly social media calendar based on the social media strategy for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  2. Research trends and brainstorm ideas for engagement campaigns.
  3. Create copy, schedule posts in advance and manage templates along with the Communications Director at Effective Thesis.
  4. Generate reports (once a month) for social media analytics.
  5. Weekly/bi-weely meetings to discuss campaigns, content ideas and ways to increase engagement.

Job Requirements

You should apply if:

  • You’re familiar with Twitter and have past experience growing Twitter accounts, even if your own (experience with other social media platforms is a good plus).
  • You’re highly organized, agentic and have strong copywriting skills.
  • You’re at least somewhat familiar with Effective Altruism and associated cause areas, like those described in some of our research directions.
  • You like diving deeper – if you like creating content but have not experimented with many tools, analytics or strategy development, this is a good opportunity to upskill within the marketing and communications domain.
  • Bonus, but not necessary: You’re a student/graduate who has worked on/is working on their thesis, dissertation or research project.

If you’re interested in this position, please fill out this application form.

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