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Job Description

Posted on: 
November 2, 2022

We (Effective Thesis) are looking for a person who will manage and grow our online community of students striving to build their research careers in our prioritised research directions. The goal of the community is to help students create more connections with their peers who are focusing on similar topics and generally help them feel less isolated.

We think this role would fit well with our part-time coaching role and our online research skills workshop creator role, so please let us know if you would be interested in either of those roles as well.

About us

Effective Thesis is a non-profit that helps guide aspiring researchers (undergrad, masters or PhD students) who want to significantly improve the world through a career in research. Our services include 1-1 Coaching, Research Skills Workshops, the Early Career Research Opportunities Newsletter (ECRON), a PhD Supervisor Database and the Effective Thesis Community.


Generally, you would have a lot of freedom in how to go about making Effective Thesis’ online community as useful as possible for students and taking the initiative for making that happen. We would empower you to do so and give you feedback, and generally make sure our visions are aligned.

In practice, here are some of the tasks that our community manager is currently doing:

  1. Sending personalised messaging and match-making for the community members
  2. Encouraging peer-to-peer support (e.g. PhD proposal/application reading exchange; thesis feedback exchange; accountability buddies, reasoning transparency feedback exchange, etc…)
  3. Running at least 1 live event every 14 days (including interviews with more senior researchers about their research careers; introducing new research tools, etc…)
  4. Content-based engagement
  5. Potentially sending targeted invitations to the community to people already working in some of our recommended research directions
  6. Monthly reporting of the activity and progress on the community platform  

Job Requirements

  • You’re excited about building an online research community, helping aspiring researchers create more connections and generally empowering them in building research careers.
  • You’re highly organised, agentic and have good interpersonal skills.
  • Bonus, but not necessary: You’re a student/graduate who has worked on/is working on their thesis, dissertation or research project.

If you’re interested in this role, please message our Organisational Director David at david.janku@effectivethesis.org and include:

  1. Your CV and a paragraph on whether you have any previous experience relevant for this role and why you would be a good fit.
  2. Something more about you (what are you doing currently, why are you interested in this role, etc.).
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