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Data Scientist

Job Description

Posted on: 
October 6, 2022

Perceive now is harnessing the latest big data technologies to drive advancement in business intelligence services. We are a leading startup in helping technology companies save time, money and resources by crunching millions of scholarly publications and patents. In this role, you will apply your data science expertise to extract and analyze terabytes of data and present actionable insights to tech industry decision makers.


You will be a critical member of our data science team. You will be responsible for moving, transforming, and adding our data. Our team deals with terabytes of data and that is constantly changing and being updated. New data is constantly coming from our various sources and needs to be piped into our database. Our customers need to have confidence in the data and insights our product is presenting and you will be ensuring we have the most up-to-date and quality data.

Job Requirements

  • Deep understanding of Python, SQL, and NoSQL
  • Performing ETL jobs by taking data from our external sources and loading into our internal database
  • Ensuring and mitigating job failures get resolved in a timely manner
  • Verifying and ensuring data quality
  • Experience working on the cloud

Preferred experiences:

  • AWS Glue experience
  • Basic knowledge of machine learning
  • GitHub and version control

We are 100% remote and require all team members to have extraordinary communication skills, take initiatives and actively participate in project discussions. We are looking for passionate and driven individuals who are interested in disruptive ideas. Most importantly, rapport with the team members and excellent communication skills trumps all other requirements.

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